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Costa Rica Flora

Welcome to Vogellijst.be!

Vogellijst.be started out off my hobby: Birdphotography. Which actualy became my hobby as a result of a travel to Costa Rica in 2005., where very quickly my compact camera (Canon S2IS) pointed out to be not good enough to the needs of birdphotography.

So, when we came home the logical result was to change to DSLR (Canon 350D) together with a longrange zoomlens (Canon 100-400L IS). After a few months practice with the new equipment, we went back to Costa Rica in 2006, where my girlfriend Els also got bitten by the photographymicrobe, where she was using my old camera now. This led of course to: a second DSLR-body (got rid off the S2IS, the 350D was for Els ans I got me an upgrade to 400D) and we went together following a photographyclass.

Ekstergaai Dwergdikbekje Swainsons Toekan

In 2007 we went back for Costa Rica for the third time now, as you can notice it's the "land of our dreams"! And all this because off the beautiful nature and the huge amount of birdspecies. What brings to this website here en the Birdlist of Costa Rica with only birdinformation about the birds off which I only took the pictures myself!

Easter holidays 2009 we went back again for 14-days journey through this beautifull paradise and we could enjoy more than 150 species of birds, of which some 45 were new to us, which we all could make pictures of. In the mean while the old 350D is also upgrade into an 40D for Els, together with a 70-300IS lens, so that she also can get them closer by. And as a pocketcamera we use now the Powershot SX200 IS, which comes in handy with its videofeatures.

And because we don't live in Costa Rica (sadly enough), but mostly in Europe, it was obvious that I went on focussing my birdphotography on the birds of Europe, which resulted in a similar Birdlist of Europe. In Europe are about as as much birdspecies as in Costa Rica with the big difference that the surface of Costa Rica is as big as that from Bosnia and Herzegovina or 1.7 times the surface of Belgium alone. This means that you have to search more to find and see and that it takes longer to make the pictures of that same diversity of bird.

Besides specificly birdphotographie we are of course always heading somewhere with our camera which gives us a huge amount of pictures from all our trips to nature reserves, but also citys and other countries. Pictures which you can also see here on my website in some of the albums.

Have fun exploring the site and many thanks for your visit.

J├╝rgen Rekkers

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